Streamline your LinkedIn and Gmail communications with Skoop, the Chrome extension that enables you to create personalized, candid videos and voice memos. Enhance your messaging on LinkedIn DMs, post replies, and Gmail email responses with unique, practical, and personable multimedia messages.

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Power Up Your LinkedIn Interactions

  • Record and send instant videos in LinkedIn messages/DMs and on posts.
  • Choose from three video formats: Vertical, Horizontal, and Square.
  • Craft unique video subject lines to capture attention.
  • Enhance your message with additional text.
  • Embed a booking link directly on your video page.
  • One-click access for viewing videos, subject lines, and booking links.
  • Engage with an animated video preview.
  • Utilize the 'send to multiple people' feature for broader outreach.
  • Benefit from unlimited video storage (subject to fair use policy).
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skoop Feature 02

Next-Level Chat GPT Features

  • Create custom Chat GPT prompts for situation-specific conversations.
  • Reuse and recycle your best performing prompts for consistent quality.
  • Seamlessly integrate Chat GPT into your communication workflow.
  • Maximize engagement with finely-tuned, relevant dialogues.
  • Look forward to a smarter, more intuitive chat experience.
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skoop Feature 03

Enhance Your Replies with Cutting-Edge Tools

  • Effortlessly create and save a library of responses for frequently asked questions.
  • Reduce response time with quick access to your pre-made comments.
  • Combine instant replies with personalized videos for improved engagement.
  • Experience a significant boost in conversation rates through multimedia communication.
  • Streamline your interaction process with our innovative reply system.
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skoop Feature 04

Discover Skoop's Exciting Features

  • Get a built-in booking link that syncs with your Google or Microsoft calendar, or integrate your existing booking system.
  • Utilize Animated GIFs for those moments when voice memos or videos are too much; find the perfect one for any occasion.
  • Upload and store your own short videos to reuse in conversations, making your messages stand out.